Teacher quotes

Colleen Beauvais
Sunset Park Elementary teacher Colleen Beauvais enjoys teaching with the

Colleen Beauvais’ 1st grade class at Sunset Park Elmentary School recieves
newspapers twice a week. “We love The Mini Page and all that we learn from
it. We also use the paper to search for our spelling words. Our favorite activity
is using the ads to practice math skills. Thanks to the many sponsors who make
this learning opportunity possible for my students,” says Beauvais.

Cathy Tkacik with Tyler Bay and Chad Weber
South High School tacher Cathy Tkacik goes over a newspaper assignment with Tyler Bay and Chad Weber.

Cathy Tkacik teaches business, accounting and computer classes at South High School in Pueblo. In her business classes, students summarize articles from The Chieftain explaining their relationship to business and giving an opinion on the topic. In computer class, students scan photos from the newspaper to use for creative writing. The Chieftain is also a source for business vocabulary and statistics. “Students like the newspaper assignments because they are relevant. It’s about things that are happening today and happening locally,” says Tkacik.